The Stay At Home Routine

This pandemic puts us all in an interesting position. With many of us quarantined and practicing social distancing we find ourselves spending more and more time at home. For those of us that are fortunate enough to continue working our office jobs from home, we are being forced to adjust to a new way of life.

Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses Coronavirus Quarantine Lockdown Stay Home

Your morning routine seems to become much shorter when you don't leave the house every day. No need to iron shirts and slacks for work. No need to pack a lunch. It may be only a matter of minutes from the time your alarm goes off in the morning to the time you boot up your work computer for the day.

Winding down your work day also seems to have changed when you don't have to leave the office at 5 o'clock. Suddenly we find ourselves responding to emails later and later into the evening. Work that would normally be left for the following day becomes work we decide to do now since our after-work options are now limited.

Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses Coronavirus Quarantine Lockdown Stay Home

While our bosses may appreciate the extra time we are putting in, it is important that we establish a routine that allows time for rest and relaxation as we find ourselves stuck at home with our new roommate: the work laptop.

Here are three things we have found beneficial during the last few weeks of quarantine life:

1. Breakfast every day. Seems obvious, but it does make a difference when you start the day with some gas in the tank. It improves your mood and will help keep you from walking to the fridge every 20 minutes for a snack between emails or meetings.

2. Move around. Again, seems obvious, but it is easy to go from your bed in the morning to your workstation for the day without ever giving your body the benefit of some exercise. Get one simple piece of exercise equipment and KEEP IT NEAR YOU during the day while you work. My equipment of choice is a 35 pound kettle bell that I swing around periodically throughout the day. You don't need to chisel your summer body while working from home, but you will feel exponentially better if you do some form of exercise, even for just a few minutes.

Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses Coronavirus Quarantine Lockdown Stay Home

3. Easy on the eyes. Get a pair of blue blocking glasses and keep them at your desk. Blue light from our screens and devices is harsh and can easily lead to headaches and eye strain, there is no reason to add these ailments to our list of inconveniences as we find ourselves stuck at home spending more and more time looking at bright screens. With Teddith being an eyewear company, of course we are going to make a plug for our own glasses (surprise surprise). We truly believe in our glasses and actually wear them every day while we work. They are lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to stick in your desk or laptop bag. Not to mention we ship to countries all over the world so they are still a great option even for those who are stuck indoors. Even though no one knows when life will return to normal, Teddith is still going full steam ahead to provide the glasses that help make our working lives a little easier during this stressful time.

What other tips and tricks have you found helpful as we adjust to this new normal? Let us know!

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