The Best VR Headsets for Phones

Immersive virtual reality is one of the most exciting developments in tech. You can experience it with the right VR headset paired with a powerful smartphone like one from the iPhone series. The headsets are fully adjustable and come with HD lenses to offer fantastic viewing experiences. It’s the emerging way to play games, explore distant lands, watch spectacular movies, and more, all from one place! So, take your pick from these best VR Headsets for phones.

Everyone love movies, and if you’re reading this article, you probably love VR technology as well. By merging these two bodes well, permitting you to appreciate a cinema-quality 3D movie experience in the solaces of your own home. Watching movies with VR headsets is perhaps the earliest mass adaption of VR technology and therefore one of the most advanced VR experiences you can get at the moment.

Best VR Headset for Movies

The materials consist of a flexible-but-durable foam substance that is both lightweight and resistant to bumps and drops. This friendly design approach influences the Merge’s compatibility, with a generous phone slot that holds most iOS and Android smartphones. You can adjust the lens-eye distance by sliding two spring-based buttons mounted on top. These same two buttons replace hand controls so you can interact with the experience by pressing down on these buttons. This allows you to hold the headset like binoculars and enjoy dual-controller experiences that so many phone apps require.

Best Open-Sided VR Headsets

Imagine you could whip out a pair of virtual reality glasses and slip into a virtual reality experience while, say, on a long plane flight, or even while undergoing a long and painful medical procedure? You could use them to show off virtual reality to friends or colleagues. Or, while visiting an ancient ruin, you could know what the area looked like in its prime, via a virtual reality reconstruction. These virtual reality glasses are, in fact available. Plus they are small enough to fit into your pocket, letting you enjoy a virtual reality experience, while not blocking your peripheral vision.

Best VR Headset for Kids

This headset offers a comfortable foam face brace that makes it one of the easiest headsets for kids or adults to wear and adjust as needed. It supports screen resolutions from HD to 4k, including 3D. The headset also lets you quickly adjust focal distance and object distance to help find the right setting that lets you enjoy videos without getting nauseous or confused. It’s known as one of the better phone headsets for all types of VR experiences, including 360-degree turns and 180-degree turns for exploration and gaming.

Best VR Headset for Gaming

There’s a lot that makes this headset worth buying. You can see up to 120 degrees, a very respectable field of view for one of these headsets. The included headphones also help enhance your sound experience without the need for additional accessories. Not only that, but this VR Headset also uses a filter to limit blue light from your phone, which means your eyes can be much better protected for longer play.