Reasons Why You Should Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Take a moment to think about all the time you spend looking at a screen throughout your day. As I write this post the weekly notification pops up on my phone screen alerting me that I have spent an average of 3 hours per day on my phone. That seems like a lot. It is especially shocking when you consider that even just 10 years ago smartphones were still considered cutting edge and few people had them. Today: they are in our pockets and purses everywhere we go, and they have our constant attention.

And it's not just phones that catch our eyes, many of us work in offices where another 8+ hours of screen time is expected each day on our computers. People today are the first to ever be bombarded by such a constant stream of artificial light and as technology progresses so does our constant reliance on it.

As studies surrounding screen time begin to emerge and we learn that it might not be in our best interest to stare into a high tech light bulb all day, people are beginning to look for ways to protect their eyes and their overall well-being. We at Teddith are cognoscente of this lifestyle change and which is why we offer affordable blue light blocking glasses to combat the eye strain that comes with ever-increasing screen time.

It would be wonderful if technology came with no adverse effects like eye strain or tension headaches, but since that is not yet a reality, we wanted to make a case for why blue light blocking glasses make sense for everyone who uses a screen in 2020.

1. We can't reduce screen-time
For those of us that work with computers we depend on bright computer screens to do our jobs. To stare at a screen for 8 hours straight a day would have seemed absurd 25 years ago, but today it is the reality for most people. If we can't reduce our screen time we should at least give our eyes some protection from the harmful light. Enter: Blue light blocking glasses.

2. We want to sleep better
Studies have shown that blue light before bed is harmful to our ability to fall asleep quickly. Blue light tricks our brains into thinking it is daytime, which again, is not something even our parents generation had to deal with. What is one thing you can do to give yourself a chance against blue light? You guessed it: glasses that help block it.

3. Fashion, baby!
Let's face it, not everything that is good for you is fashionable. We decided to throw that concept in the trash by providing glasses that look both good and promote a healthy lifestyle. For those of us who don't need prescription glasses, or even for people that wear contact lenses, Teddith allows you to join the glasses club in a way that is also beneficial for your eyesight.

Since technology is here to stay, we need to continue to find products that allow us to live healthy lives alongside the devices we use for hours every day. We as a company are always looking for new products that help us achieve this goal, and are always looking to expand our product lines. Have an idea for something you think we should carry? Let us know, we would love to hear from you!

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